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Child’s Heart Association Dobrich, Bulgaria

Child’s Heart Association Dobrich has been founded in 1993. It unites people related to the problems of children suffering from heart diseases- parents, cardiologists, psychologists, teachers, physicians, contributors…

Why it has been founded?

· To meet the needs of a part of Bulgarian children and their families;

· To support children in unequal situation due to their disease;

· To facilitate the social integration of the children and their relatives.

What are the Association’s main activities?

· Psychological consulting and psychotherapy;

· Program for public awareness of the psycho-social issues of children with heart diseases and involvement of specific public circles for social integration facilitation;

· Forming skills and willingness for team work with children with heart diseases, training programs, seminars, instruction modules for parents, teachers and physicians (Club “Parent”, summer holiday for the children);

· Social protection and financial support for children and their families, especially during crisis stages of the disease (patronage, one-time financial grant, legal advice);

· Helping children in their professional orientation; · Complete health insurance through a specialized cardiologic consulting for determined groups (children over 18 years old, pregnant women, etc.).

What is our main objective?

To maximally improve the life quality of the kids with heart disease not only through a qualified medical treatment, but also through complete social integration.